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the eye makeup


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Yeah, I'm all for Spock's makeup. hahaha

It's a Vulcan thing.


I can't remember which episode it was that McCoy had on ridiculous makeup- even some kind of lipgloss... it was pretty amazing.

And I don't know if I just associate TOS with such a different time, but I never thought the makeup was very feminizing on any of them, which was interesting. Except maybe those glossy lips. haha


As someone already mentioned, many people still had black and white tvs when the show first aired, so they did have to consider that. For example, Spock was originally supposed to be red (thank god that fell through), but it looked awful on the b/w screens so they changed it to his yellowish/green complexion.


And I LOVE the women's make-up when they make it all intense with the eyeliner. Chapel in 'Plato's Stepchildren'? Just watched that one again today and she was looking FINE. 


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You also have to remember that for its time, MANY men wore make up on television shows because it showed their face more on black and white film. I still find it funny watching the remastered versions, the amount of eyeshadow on Spock is HILARIOUS. I also love how his eyebrows get progressively lower from the first episode to the last episode of season one "original series"

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I always found that kind of funny, especially with the eyebrows, Vulcan_way90. Must've taken a while to get them just right! I don't think Spock looks bad with all the eyeshadow, though. I don't really mind it.


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The TOS make-up was mainly part of the 60's culture. It did take ALOT of make-up to disguise Spock's prosthetic ears. If you look very closely in some early episodes, you can see where they attachted. As for McCoy's blue eyeshadow, I like to think it was to make him appear 'futuristic', same as Kirk's make-up. All in all, I think the make-up artists did pretty well.

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I always thought it was just to show that it was taking place in the future: to give it a more... futuristic-y look...

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The makeup on Spock was because he was Vulcan (green blood and all), but on Kirk, they just did that then.

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Yes, if we look closely, sometimes we can see where are the prosthetic ears attached. But Spock's make-up is many, many times better (And I find it still very good) than in the case of TNG Romulans. They have forehead ridges, but all of them have the same terrible color of skin, the same wigs and the color difference between prosthetic ears and the rest of face is more remarkable. And the same shoulderpads, ewwwww...



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All actors particularly t.v. actors wear heavy make-up more than most people realize. We won't even get into stage. But sometimes it becomes visible to someone paying attention because the actor was not lit properly. Sometimes(actors of color have had this problem but it's gotten better) the shade is off. Combined, you can have a problem. That's why make-up artists can hit superstar status and along with lighting win awards because they are very, very important. You can look like a hag or a supermodel nevermind what you really look like. Some actresses/actors don't go anywhere without one!(make-up I mean, some I'm sure would take lighting if they could!)

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