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The Alternate Reality in Star Trek XI

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Created by: Curst Saden


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Personally I was fine with another alternate universe. After all, it's not like it's a new concept in Trek! They do alternate universes all of the time, starting all of the way back with Mirror, Mirror. This is just another one. I don't remember people being upset about those universes, so I'm not sure why everyone is so angry about this one.

*Edit:  Although I could see people angry about one thing pertaining to the original timeline: The destruction of Romulus. Everyone keeps going on about the destruction of Vulcan, but that only occured in the alternate universe. The destruction of Romulus, however, did occur in the prime universe. And yet, this isn't what you hear people complaining about. It could just be because I haven't reached the end of the series yet and the destruction of Romulus is included there? Anyway, that's the only impact that the 2009 movie made to the Prime universe, if even that.

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I've got mixed opinions about Star Trek 2009's alternate timeline/reality thingy. Star Trek does alot of alternate realities and timelines and univereses and sometimes Star Trek does it great other times it fails so hard.
Some great ones are TOS's "Mirror Mirror" TNG's "All Good Things..." DS9's "The Visitor" and VOY's "Timeless".
Star Trek 2009 was certainly not up to Trek's previous standards but I do not loath the new movie, I actually quite enjoyed it. I liked seeing the REbel side of the crew.


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Although I will always prefer the prime universe, I do think the alternate reality of the new movie allows us to enjoy the new movie without crying foul at canon changes.

I agree with iBOrg13 that alternate reality stories in Trek are excellent.

However, as it is a parallel universe I DO NOT consider the new movie a prequel, so I don't agree with the mainstream in calling it as such. It is a great movie which I find stronger on character than on plot and stands as a separate entity in Trek but still as part of the legacy, if that makes sense.

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It's a good idea.

A fine way to make the franchise more accessible to a new audience, while still preserving the Prime Universe.

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I agree with the royal highness guy. The franchise needed to become more accessible to a new group of fans.

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I refuse to watch anything Star Trek related unless and until the "new timeline" is done away with and everything is put back the way it is supposed to be. 

Then you won't be watching Star Trek again


Cannon is there for a reason.

Erm yes, and so is "canon"

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Prime could have revived the franchise just fine with a story and characters that resonated with the general public and minimal references to earlier works. That and big explosions . . . oh . . . and partial nudity.

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