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Why is Star Trek so cool


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Wow, for wearing your uniform to school. As for why is Star Trek cool? I think it's because it shows what humanity can do when it gets rid of the pettiness in our lives. It shows humans in a respectable and unified future. What's more cool than having rid ourselves of the problems of the world through a living philosophy.

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You wear a Star Trek uniform to school? That's awesome!

*Might contain traces of Qwerty.


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Star Trek is cool????????


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I like the still-futuristic aspect of space exploration and all the inventions and discoveries they have produced. I would love to just sit in Ten Forward, with a relaxing beverage in my hand, and watch the stars go by. I could do that for hours at a time!
I also like the way their lifestyle encourages creativity and developing each person's potential, without our current financial constraints. Just think of how many wonderful books, films and other works of art could exist in such a free environment!
These are the things that make Star Trek cool, in my opinion.

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