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The New World Order, as told by Aaron Russo


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Report this Dec. 30 2010, 2:29 pm

A friend of mine introduced me to Aaron Russo's final interview before he passed away, and in that interview A.R. laid out a conspiracy allegedly led by the private banking sectors of the world.  I'm curious if anyone else has heard about the conspiracy theory in which Russo laid out; which included the banks wanting to unite into a global shadow government that uses the "official" governments as fronts, microchipping us all so that they could keep track of the citizens and their money, and 9/11 fitting into their plans for globalization.  What are your opinions, takes, etc. on the subject?

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Nothing new. Some of this was already predicted in the Bible, and from what I´ve seen of the world these past years, the rest doesn´t exactly come as a surprise.

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I've heard a lot of opinion on the NWO issue and I would not be surprised to find out that the people who we believe run the world,don't.We're not in a position to do anything about it in any event.Hope for the best,Prepare for the worst.

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It's just a bunch of tired old tripe that has no basis in reality.

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