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The Star Trek Fact Files


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Report this Dec. 30 2010, 3:31 am

I don't know if any of you collected the weekly magazine The Star Trek Fact Files which first appeared perhaps 12 years ago, maybe more.

I started to collect them assuming they might last several months. But they went on and on and on and ... eventually I got in touch with the publishers to find out when they were going to end - but they didn't know. I finally decided that enough was enough and gave up after a good few hundred!

Did anybody follow it through to the bitter end? Did it bankrupt you?!!!

I've got a stack of these things and their binders gathering dust. I'd get rid of them if anybody wanted them (for a reasonable reimbursement)...


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That would be very interesting to see. Do you have scans/photos?


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I might be interested, but how much would you want for them? I don't have a lot of money.

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I remember them, infact I have the whole set in my loft collecting dust. I intend to sort them out one day and keep them handy to refer to as and when I want to.

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I'd be happy to flog the lot of mine to anybody prepared to come and get them (but that is in the north west of England). Email me if interested on

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That's a little far for those of us in the US.


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Hey all,

I got them right up until the end and I love them. So much so that I'm thinking of doing additions for TAS as this has never been done. Already designed schematics for the Scouter-Gig which I am very proud of.

Take care,



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I used to get them al the time,in fact i still got some.


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I actually have a wonderful memory regarding the Fact Files.

I was on holiday in Tasmania I think it was... and happened to enter a second hand book store, where I bought a copy of the "Captain's Logs" and also had with me a DS9 book that I was reading at the time.

(I forget which)

Seeing that I was interested in Star Trek, the shopkeeper asked me the obvious question, "Oh are you interested in Star Trek, then?" to which I of course answered with an emphatic affirmative.

He then told me that he had something really cool that I might like to see. He led me to a part of the book shop where someone had sold him EVERY fact-file in their consituent folders, and told me that while I was waiting to rendezvous with my lift home, I was welcome to browse through these files for as long as I liked.

And then he got me a little chair to sit on so that I would be comfy while doing so. I did not have the required cash to purchase these files, and thought that transporting such a heavy load all the way back to New Zealand with me might take some hefty strategic maneouvring...

But for that moment, I was happier than a Klingon in a blood-shower, as I sat in the corner and flipped through these fact files to my little heart's content!


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