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Looking for a new game....


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Report this Dec. 26 2010, 7:06 pm

Genre: Star Trek
Difficulty: Any level
Type(s) of Creature(s): Preferably one without any fan-made species for crew members. (Sorry, but I have seen far too many turn out badly.)
Preferred Rating: PG-13 
Preferred Number of Members/Activity: Any number is fine but an active board is a must. Unfortunately, I will not consider a board that is just starting out, right now. 
Preferred Time where RPG is set in: Any time frame EXCEPT the nu-era (the new movie).

Other Notes: I have been RPing in Star Trek for most of my RP career, and I unfortunately think that this may be my last "Huzzah!" in it. That is assuming I am not able to find a good game that fits what I'm looking for. So before you post, please read the following:

The ship class has to be canon and its specs must be reasonable (I am willing to bend on the class, however).
All characters need to have biographies that are filled out completely.
A message board based game is a must.
I would like it if the staff was active and easily approachable. No one likes ice kings or queens.
And, the less graphics you have proliferating your board the better.


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Report this Dec. 27 2010, 2:13 pm

Oddly, Zev, I came on here vaguely thinking about having my own last hurrah. But I don't really know if i'd have the time anymore unless it was a weekly "sign in and play at a specific time" type-affair. Ah, I yearn high school, when I had all the time in the world to pretend to be Spock

Ditto your post, though - if anyone has a good game, I might just enlist. To anyone whom might be reading, i'm a rather experienced Trek RP'er myself, whom enjoys playing eccentric/narccisistic characters.

And I very much vouch for the writing talent of the good mister Arigato!


I am, foremost, an Englishman. And then a writer. And then a historian! And THEN a Star Trek fan. I heartily advise you to fear my scathing wit.

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