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Abrams needs to do more research


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as far as the beagle goes JJ prolly changed the timeline to suit him for the dog thing. DON'T SCREW THE TIMELINE JJ

One damn minute, Admiral.


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i hope they never make another movie if it's based on abrams version


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...since in the 24th century mccoy's like the oldest human alive at the age of 134...

Nowhere is it stated that McCoy was the oldest human alive. Data recalls his age from Starfleet records and explicitly says so, no more, no less.

...and they couldn't have life spans like that in the 22nd/23rd centuries.

Given that Earth was already part of an interspecies medical exchange (with Denobula and other worlds) even before the formation of the Federation, the possibility is there that human beings in fact could live to advanced old age with the proper medical knowledge or technology gained from other worlds.


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Honestly, I appreciate what J.J. Abrams has done for the franchise, giving it new life and such, but he needs to leave. Look, I love the new movie, everything about it (casting, ship, plot), but he needs to leave before he stalls our beloved franchise. I am still, a couple years later, bothered by some elements of the film. At least when I saw First Contact, I could say that was a good movie, and with Nemesis, that was a BAD movie. This one looked like Star Trek in all the obvious ways, but didn't feel like it in all the important ways. It felt... wrong. Like it didn't belong. I honestly don't keep it near the other movies, games, and episodes for that reason. It's too different, too modern. It's too mainstream. Star Trek is for the dreamers, for the geeks and nerds inside us all. That was a good movie, a GREAT movie, but not the kind of Star Trek I grew up watching. While this style of movie may work now, I think it'll just stagnate the franchise, and turn it into the kind of summer flick everyone groans at, and never get past the trailer with. It'll turn away Trekkies, because what made the franchise special will be diluted to attract a more mainstream audience, and it'll turn away average moviegoers because it'll be just another summer sci-fi flick.


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This is why we need ST UFP, to explain ST history and help in keeping ST around in the future.

I wanna change my User name.

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