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What Trek goodies did Santa bring??


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None!  But I suspect that Santa knows I have yet to redeem my $250 gift certificate for Trek merchandise (thanks to winning the costume contest at the Chicago Con)... so I shall soon do my own Santa shopping.

But I received a Notebook laptop, so I cannot complain. . .


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Quote: zapp77 @ Dec. 27 2010, 10:15 am

Quote: 2takesfrakes @ Dec. 26 2010, 10:08 pm

Absolutely none, as I've been rather successful in keeping this Guilty Pleasure of mine called STAR TREK under tight wraps! But I did get a book on Greek Mythology ...
What?! Why would you keep that a secret? I'm always bringing it up and getting people to watch certain episodes. Lol

Are you kidding me? I like getting laid!


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Hey, women like a man in uniform.

It doesn't seem to work so well if it's a Starfleet uniform, however . . .


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My mum isn't a big fan of me being a big fan of Star Trek (not that it stops me from being exactly that) but this Christmas I got pretty lucky,
1. A Spock Wig (lol)
2. A Starfleet Comm Badge
3. A shirt that says "Live Long and Prosper" on it
4. Star Trek 2009 DVD
5. Star Trek: Voyager Seasons 4&5
6. Star Trek: Enterprise Season 2

And thats it, pretty good christmas in my opinion, along with those delightful goodies, I got a hell of a lot of chocolate and my mum says theres another star trek shirt on its way...


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I got 3 of the vintage style TOS figures (Chekov, Uhura, Sulu (I now only need Scotty to complete the set), 2 1980 TNG acion figures (worf and yar), Star Trek First Contact DVD (completing my movie collection), TNG season 3 on DVD, and a Trek digital calendar for my lap top.

"Fate, it protects fools, small children, and ships called Enterprise" - Will Riker


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I'm gonna buy a calender... a Trek one if I can find one... but if not just a calender. I intend to mark in all the main cast members birthdays and some prominent guest stars into the calender and celebrate each one by watching their best episodes on that day.


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I mostly got money (I know it's boring), most of which is going towards a replica phaser rifle so I suppose that counts as Trek. I also got TMP which is one of few Trek DVDs I don't have-ironic considering it's the FIRST movie-as well as a 2011 Trek calendar.




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Kirk and Nero action figures

One damn minute, Admiral.


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my brother bought me the complete Enterprise on dvd!!!

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