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Looking to make an epic movie of your fleet engagement's?


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Report this Dec. 25 2010, 3:55 am

I came across this Battlestar Gallatica vs Star Wars movie that was made by starmaster115 from

The models and action sequences are the best I have seen in a privately made video (PMV) involving two different genre of sci-fi classics. This got me to thinking if this guy is this good at making movies how interesting it would be to see him rise from the hovel into being his own ILM? Just imagine recording your fleet engagements and then having starmaster115 turn them into a full length feature epic like he did with the above Tuber.

I think that starmaster115 could take your engagments and make them legendary. What a nice recruitment video maker he would be as well. You could contract his services out to create a recruitment video for your fleet to attract new members with. Marketing is the key to any successful fleet as well as drawing in the best members to your fleet. Who knows within a year starmaster115 could the up-and-coming PMV producer for MMORG epic movie making.

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