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Happy Holidays


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Report this Dec. 24 2010, 1:24 pm

The crews of the starships U.S.S. Bennington NCC-2141 and U.S.S. Dalghren NCC - 2175 wish all a wonderful holiday.

"Incoming message from the Korlonian Sector."

"To any Federation starship's with communication's range. Our neighboring planet Korlonia Three has sent message to us that they plan to invade out planet after we defied their requests to not conduct military operations within our own planetary space." They have emassed some thirty vessels and are approaching Korlonia Four. We are certain that they plan to attack and are requesting immediate Federation presence to arbitrate a peaceful solution. Otherwise war is most likely to happen. We have also detected several unknown ship types traveling with the Korlonia Three fleet."

"That's the end of the transmission captain."

"Dalghren deploy to the Korlonian Sector."
"Get me Starfleet Command. We may have a very bad situation about to erupt."

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