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Worst Voyager Episode?


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I don't really like Parturition.


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First of all the episode seemed out of place. The premise was unique but the writing was just terrible. There were so many things they could have done to enhance the physical manifestions of Fear (and others!). The best part of the episode was the last 2 minutes when Janeway fooled the Clown and I'm not even certain I wasnt just happy it was almost over.



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Well Threshold comes to mind, agree with people about Endgame being disappointing, but my overall opinion for worst is The Thaw. Very, very strange episode. And I have this fear of clowns........ so......... that didn't settle very well. That episode was just odd, very odd.

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My least favourite episode would have to be good sheppard. That one in particular sticks out i also particuly dont like fair haven in fact i'd say thats my least favourite.


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Quote: Spot_Data's_Cat @ Dec. 21 2010, 10:52 pm


>I hated the one where Janeway meets Mark Sulivan on the holodeck and he become her holo-boyfriend. And the one where Paris and Janeway morph into lizards after reaching warp 10 and have lizard babies.  

LOL. My good sense tells me to hate this episode but I LOVE it. I have no idea why.

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Drive is a pointless episode, in saying that i hate the fight, threshold, favorite son, one small step and natural law.


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I like 'em all, and "The Fight" is brilliant, actually.


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I vote for "Fury." They go to the trouble to bring back Kes, just so they can assassinate her character? Ugh.


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Tuvix is another one I hated. The list is growing

Thaw, Tuvix, ....

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