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William Shatner Animation Contest Final Entries Open For Viewing


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Report this Dec. 14 2010, 11:27 pm

Ok, so  this toonboom animated shatner contest is hilarious.

There are some really good entries up and voting is open to the public from Dec 10th to Dec 22nd, one vote per entry per day, but they need more voters so friends of the contestants don't dominate the competition. There is some seriously funny stuff up there, old kirk tributes and whatnot. Check it out, but dont wait too long, or the contest will be over.

Go and vote, you can rank the clips one to five stars each, then post up your favorites back here. They got everything from Kirk in a wig making out with spock to william shatner toking that interesting-looking ciggie on a psychadelic background.

The winner of first prize gets a job on an animated scifi series.

Top two get art classes from a reputable art school.

Top ten get $2,000 animation software.

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