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Star trek Online: is it worth it?

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Created by: gothicsanctum


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Quote: jbondrocks @ Apr. 02 2011, 6:14 pm


>I'd say its totally worth it....its Trek!!! Seriously though, for me it is great simply because it is different. With the price of the game being so cheap now its definitely worth checking out...granted it isn't for everyone but I think it is definitely worth a try. Also, others have said how it is a vast improvement over launch....but I just started so I wouldn't know about that...all I know is that right now I'm diggin it.


I've been with the game since launch and I agree with other players that the game has since improved. I'm a Star Trek fan too with TNG being my favorite and was excited to hear STO was launching so I didn't hesitate to pick it up. I leveled up on my own and when that happened the only things I couldn't do on my own were the STFs (Special Task Force missions) which require a 5 man team. I joined a Fleet and have to say that playing STO with other Star Trek fans is what makes the game truly fun and so much more enjoyable.

I encourage those of you who left early soon after its launch to come back for a month to see how different it is now.

For those interested in playing or trying out STO, The "48th Defense Fleet" The Warpigs ( enjoys and takes pride in helping and teaming up with players, new and veterans alike. For more info visit our website and see our FAQs or drop me a line.


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I think it's worth it if the game interests you. $15 per month is cheaper then alot of other hobbies. But, other companies offer more than one game for thier monthly fee. would be nice from cryptic/atari


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I had the same skepticism as you do know. i don't consider myself a hardcore MMO fan in the least, or a hardcore STO fan (since I've only had it for 3 weeks now) but there's really nothing like the fleet action where you fight along side a Sovereign Class vessel and send Klingons to Sto-Vo-Kor. And The Foundry really adds to the over all game.

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I so want to play the game but pc is downloading way to flippen slow. pc is fast but it took 40 minutes just to download 9%. grrr.

Matthias Russell

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Well, there is a lot to the game.  Hope you got a good video card, too.


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It is worth it.

 With all of the content they have been posting and whe Weekly Episodes that have been phenomenal, I wouyld highly recommend it.

 If interested in finding out more, check out Jupiter Broadcasting's STOked podcasts. They have some great info. that you can check out in order to make an informed decision.


Also check out the, "Engineering Report" posted on the main website. Its an update on soon to be released updates and what's being worked on and developed. A couple of the things i'm looking forward to are the revamping of ground combat and the addition of Starfleet Academy!


For those interested in playing or trying out STO, The "48th Defense Fleet" The Warpigs ( enjoys and takes pride in helping and teaming up with players, new and veterans alike. For more info visit our website and see our FAQs or drop me a line.


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I think that it is one of the best online game.


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I got a lifetime subscription and it is soooooo worth it to me. It's my first actual video game period. It was easy to learn and is soo fun. I like to level slowly and read all the mission text and everything and it does continue to get better and better. Sometimes they have subtle hints at particular episodes and totally tickle me when I catch them. I get a real "Star Trek" feel when I play.


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The game is totally worth it. In fact i don't see how anyone can be a star trek fan without at lease trying it out. I think it should be represented on this site more than it is. Its part of star trek.


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I have an iMac now so would not be able to play it.

Never played an MMO but have been tempted

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I speak for the defence of Star Trek Online. It may have a monthly fee, but I'd imagine that the majority of people can afford the cost of the game and subscription. It is an awesome game, and has had me thoroughly entertained since I bought it. The ability to make friends, have fun and a gargantuan lifespan, surpassing  the lifetimes of 50 Klingons combined!

All in all, it would be highly illogical to not buy the game if you have the money. tlq yln Hov Star Trek Online!

(Long live Star Trek Online!)

Everyday is a good day to be a Trekkie!

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