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Best Movie

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Created by: spydertrek


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Quote: picard_2305 @ Jan. 08 2011, 2:18 am

The best movies are The Wrath of Khan then First Contact and in 3rd place is Undiscovered Country. In fact there are times I wish I could vote for Khan and First Contact in a joint first position. They are both 5 out of 5 star films to me. I also think TMP is a film I appreciate more now than I did when I first watched it. Its a bit slow but I loved the story of V'Ger in TMP.

TMP is third on my list. It's definitely under-rated as far as I'm concerned.

I consider First Contact and Undiscovered Country to be middle-of-the-road Trek films. Certainly neither are as enjoyable for me as TWOK, TSFS, or TMP. TUC was too slow and too self-indulgant on the part of Nick Meyer. FC was the best TNG movie, but doesn't measure up to the earlier TOS movies.

Both are great, and I like them very much, but they're still "middle tier" for me.



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First Contact. The Borg are the best creepiest aliens that ST ever came up with.


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The number 10/11 button does not record votes.


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First Contact , and Insurrection for me. Clone Wars any day over Empire Strikes Back.

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Star Trek VI: The undiscovered Country

What no one likes Shakespeare quoting Klingons?



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Somehow I guessed you'd say STVI: TUC, Kahless! 'Tis a great movie!


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First Contact !!

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I can not participate in the poll, as my favorite St movie is not listed. GALAXY QUEST! Never give up, never surrender!

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