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Who thinks Captain Benjamin Sisko is the Best Captain in Star Trek

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The Defiant could probably win in a one on one against all its contemporaries. And who built her? Sisko.

"So the Defiant is no more a ship of exploration than a gun is a soldier." This comparison makes no sense.


what do you mean this makes no sense?  

the defiant is simply a small powerful attack ship (= a gun) and not designed for anything else; whereas a starship is designed and required to do more than just blow stuff up, like exploration and diplomacy (= a soldier). you see, just putting a gun in a persons hands does not make them a soldier (just because a ship can blow stuff up does not make it a starship). a starship, like a soldier, is called on to do many things, the most basic is violence while the others are complex and nuanced like diplomacy.

starfleet is not about blowing stuff up, but about exploration and peace, so a starship needs to be more than powerful. appealing to the male desire to blow stuff up is as silly as appealing to the female desire for shinny objects.

So why can't the Federation defend its self with a war ship, right on the front lines? Should they have fought with Runabouts to keep up appearances?

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Sisko was ok but I like Picard best.

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