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What design would you have preferred for the 2009 Enterprise?

Matthias Russell

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So would anyone maybe like to see the new enterprise leave drydock at the start of the next one with minor mods to be more in line with the original? Maybe by simple things such as straightening the pylons so it looks like the same ship but more true to the original without starting over again? Or, if you don't like the new ship, do you feel what is done is done and leave it alone?


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>I like this design.

This was easily the best desighn, If i were in a possition to start it over this would be my Rosetta Stone image.

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I liked the reboot Enterprise. The Original is my all-time favorite. But in a way I'm glad they didn't re-use it. If I had to pic.....The pic YANKS put up is what I would choose.  

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Matthias Russell

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This one would have been a nice choice:


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I like all the Enterprise ships because they are each unique in their own ways. I very much like the Tobias Richter rendered versions and the ones you can see with the Phase 2 show. I love the new movie Enterprise with the new look and much bigger size.

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