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Does Star Trek make better movies or television series?

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Created by: Matthias Russell


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I do like both, but I enjoy the movies more!


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Even with the debacle that was ENT, ST is better as a tv series franchise. Honestly the only movies that are exceptional enough to be thought of as classic sci-fi movies are TWOK and TSFS. You might be able to include FC, but it would be a stretch. But the others, one ca easily forget them altogether.

Having said that, as much as I'd like to see another ST series, the cost of production would be too high, there'd be a problem of retreaded plots, and there's no way it would survive on network tv, no matter how good it was scripted. 

Matthias Russell

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Fresh votes?

captain saavik

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I love both forms of trek story telling as long as it has vulcans with pointy ears not being genocidily killed I'm happy

Matthias Russell

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New thoughts from new members?


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I'm with ICEMAN, I don't have time to watch TV weekly and rather see a major motion picture.


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I like them both equallly (: but I think a tad more with the seriess!

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Matthias Russell

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This thread shows most trek fans favor a show over a movie and the last movie did amazing in the box office.  The front page shows 1,604,022 on facebook like star trek.  How many does it take before the franchise has a large enough audience to justify there being high enough viewership?


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I believe the answer is TV. The movies come out as a result of the popularity of the shows. ST09 being the exeption somewhat, but it was created as a result of TOS.


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Quote: Spot_Data's_Cat @ Feb. 02 2011, 1:26 am

>I definitely prefer the TV series, paticularly with TOS, I find the movies are not as whimsical and colourful as the episodes, which is what I love about TOS. .

i agree

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Television. More time to develop characters, more time to see new and old species. More time for just about everything. More time to love and hate or love/hate a character.

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I am rewatching the series all the time. I rarely rewatch a movie. Does did means i like the series better, maybe. I think the series and the movies complement themselves.


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I liked both the series and the movies. But if I had to choose between the two, I'd say the TV series in a heartbeat.

No movie could compare to the character development which is neccessary for the survival of any story.

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