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Your Favorite Star Trek Movie Music Tracks


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We've done a lot of the "what's your favorite movie" discussions...but let's talk about the Music of Star Trek. What are your top-10 favorite tracks from any of the movie soundtracks (and take the time to list why if you like).

This was hard...but here are mine (in no specific order):


1. Ilia's Theme (The Motion Picture- Goldsmith)

2. Main Title (Star Trek First Contact- Goldsmith)

3. Labor of Love (Star Trek- Giacchino)

4. Stealing the Enterprise (The Search for Spock- Horner)

5. Klingon Battle (The Motion Picture- Goldsmith)

6. A Busy Man (The Final Frontier- Goldsmith)

7. Jumping the Ravine (Star Trek Generations- McCarthy)

8. Sneak Attack (The Wrath of Khan- Horner)

9. Main Title (The Motion Picture- Goldsmith)

10. The Mountain (The Final Frontier- Goldsmith)




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heres some i liked but some are from episodes also

1. generations during the christmas scene

2. picard and daren playing flute and piano in jeffreys tube (i know its not a movie but liked)

3. first contact music- intro and throughout the movie

4. Voyager-Scorpian episode music

5. TNG's Boobytrap music

6. Undiscovered Country intro theme

7. Nemesis music when enterprise is heading back to federation space after picard and data return from escaping the Scimitar

8. Klingon Music at the begining of TMP

9. Insurection Intro

10. Search for Spock Intro

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For me, it would almost be easier to name the ones I don't like - but they're all so good!

Like TOS, TNG, and DS9. Voyager and Enterprise weren't worth watching. Like all the movies except I, V, IX, and X.


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No other takers? Nobody else is into the Trek music?

C'mon music geeks...!! Jump in here.



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my favorite music was in the 2009 movie. enterprising young men is my favorite.

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I love The main theme's for TVH and TMP, also the music played in the Klingon battle sequence in TMP, End credits for TUC are nice as is the main theme for DS9 and TOS. Also TNG, but it's the same as TVH pretty much.

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I always loved the original series theme and wondered what they would do when the first film came out. I needn't have worried because the theme to ST:TMP was so magnificent that is got recycled again for ST:TFF and ST:TNG series. That has become the modern Star Trek theme for me.

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I love the music for The Motion Picture and I absolutely love the music for Star Trek 2009, especially Enterprising Young Men and End Credits.

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The music playing while the Enterprise is firing up in "Wrath of Kahn"....and same movie..when Enterprise is trying to escape Reliant...after genisis effect. gives you the feel like you really wanna get away from that

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In order:

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