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Report this Apr. 04 2011, 4:41 pm

Quote: 2takesfrakes @ Apr. 04 2011, 9:27 am


>Beershark ... ? toranaprem ... ?

>Are we really going to do this, gentlemen:
debate the relative attractiveness of Carol Marcus
and Gillian Taylor? Neither of whom has very much
hype about them, in all honestly. But it's interesting
how far down the food chain that the pecking order goes.
I must say, that's something.

>Bibi Besch was deliberately made dowdy for the role,
seeing how Carol Marcus was BOTH a scientist AND a mother.
A mother of a grown man, by the way. Gillian Taylor could
and should have been tarted up more, herself. But she was
only mother to orphaned whales, so she has the edge, I guess.


I agree with you! I don't really want to do this! I don't feel like engaging in yet another "which one of these women who is in Star Trek only to be a beard is more attractive than this other beard?" debate. Oh the inanity! 

I hear you, 2takesfrakes!  Let's end this silly debate that is a smokescreen for the movie's real romance!

"What will they find when I am ripped apart? 'I love you, captain' written on my heart."

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