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William Shatner in the new Star Trek film concept

Doc Velocity

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The fact is that they've never known WHAT to do with Kirk, because he's the radioactive isotope of Star Trek... Kirk is the captain who not only defies physics but he defies Death itself, repeatedly.  Kirk taunts Death.  The MOST embarrassing and LAME moment in Star Trek History was Kirk's death scene in Star Trek Generations...  Yes, yes, yes, I know Shatner pretty much crafted Kirk's death scene, there were several alternate death scenes and all that mumbo jumbo... But that was just SO lame to have Kirk die on a friggin' metal catwalk tumbling into a rocky crevasse on a barren planet with a thin plot and a nebulous villain... ehhh... it was AWFUL.  Badly thought out, poorly chosen from a bad selection of death scenarios.

See, I know EXACTLY what should happen to James T. Kirk... The sonofabitch didn't end up chopping wood at a mountain cabin in the Nexus.   How lame is that?  How lame was that stupid death scene?  "Oh my..."  Bill Shatner, sometimes you just plain suck.   

In my own personal universe, James T. Kirk NEVER DIES; rather, he becomes immortal and outlives the Federation and everybody else... But he does it HIS way, flaunting the Prime Directive, lusting after women, cheating death, beating the hell out of people in hand to hand combat, always in command. 

I mean, we're talking about an incorrigible Viking, right?

Yeah, you can have the new James Kirk meet the original James Kirk, no problem.  Time-loop, whatever... Have the new Enterprise cruise too near a black hole and get thrown out into the future, where the boy Kirk comes face-to-face with his 80-year-old self, who happens to be the Barbarian King of an entire planet, dressed in heavy furs, red and gray beard, drinking wine and chasing women, laughing at Death, having created his own society of people who think just like him, all cheats and gamblers and high adventurers.

And what's wrong with planet Tiberius?  The locals call it "T-Bone"

HA!  If Paramount uses this, I want a cut!  I've been dreaming this for 45 years.  


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Captain my Captain Put Bill in the movie


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no. even as another character shatner would give confusion. EXAMPLE: in voyager the guy that played tom paris was also in TNG by the name of nick. i kept watching wondering why they got the names wrong.

One damn minute, Admiral.


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I would love to see William Shatner in the new film. It would be interesting to see.


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It would be interesting having him back in the show!

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