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Who's the best chief engineer???

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Scotty! He was one of the pioneers of starship engineering.

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Scotty! He was giving it all she had!


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One damn minute, Admiral.


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nuf said.

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Scotty. He was always able to get things done faster than expected. Definitely a miracle worker.

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I have to go with Scotty. I love Geordi, and O'Brien was one of my all time favorite characters that I always felt didn't get enough screen time, Scotty is the best all around character.


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I'd have to say scotty because he invented the job. But O'brien is a close second. He had to work in alien technology with giant rodents running around.

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Scotty - the manuals he wrote were still being used during Geordi's time.


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Grr where is the Chief O'Brian Option


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I have deep respect and admiration for Scotty, buuuut....

I gotta go with the blind pilot.

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 "I'm givin' it all she's got Captain!" Scotty!!!!

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