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Who's the best chief engineer???

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star trek tng

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Miles O'Brien.


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Scotty is the man.

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scotty. the man held the original enterprise together for 20 years and enterprise-A for 7 years. Tucker held the nx-01 for 10 years. Laforge held the Enterprise-D for 7 years and the E for another 7 years.  Miles O Brian held dS9 and the defiant for 7 years. Torres held voyager together for 7 years.

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Geordi! Remember the "Relics" episode of TNG? Scotty admitted that he was pretty much over the hill.

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geordie, duh. he can't even see and he's still awesome.


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I couldn't not vote for my man Trip!!


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I voted Geodi, he resolved almost all trouble


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Always loved Scotty... but I gotta go with Geordi. He is da man!


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Without any doubt Scotty, the miracle worker.


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Of these, Trip, because he's an awesome character (and a god engineer, except he worked with technology 200 years before that of Geordi, LaForge, and O'Brien - who is, for some reason, missing from this list).


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Honestly I'd vote for Torres over Geordi because she could at least eject a warp core that is breaching and save the ship whereas Geordi always failed in that endeavor (sorry Geordi, you're still a great character)

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I would've voted for O'Brien if he'd been there. Who else could've kept such a run down station going without the support from Starfleet he needed?

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Scotty is the greatest by far! Not only is he great in the series but he is incomparable in 'Star Trek"2009


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Scotty set the bar for chief engineers. He is by far the best.

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