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Who loved the Enterprise the Best

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Created by: BrotherofShran01


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Inspired by and created  MarmaladeSkies, a true trekkie, who loved the Enterprise the best?



I always party at Starbase 63!



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I'll wait before revealing my answer ...

I always party at Starbase 63!



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Kirk loved the Enterprise best.
My evidence is the shuttle scene,
where Kirk almost seemed aroused
by the sight of the newly refit


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yes that is an excellent scene. His eyes light up and you can see he is truly home. Kirk has my vote, but i can not forget in TNG episode "Relics" when Scotty is taken out of the transporter beam and arrives in the future, how heart broken he is and so lonely that he goes to the holodeck and conjures up the orginal enterprise. ah it breaks me heart. and of course in "the trouble with tribbles" when he has to defend the Enterprises honor! Scotty definantly loves her, but not as much as Kirk.

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i'd say they both loved the enterprise just as much as each other. In star trek III when the ship was burning up in the atmosphere they both looked very sad. What  i do know is that they both loved the enterprise more than picard. Picard had the nerve to say plenty of letters left in the alphabet. Picard shouldn't even be captain of the enterprise in my opinion.

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picard or riker (kirk may be) because picard showed he liked it the most in several episodes as did riker, riker also didnt leave the enterprise even when he was offered his own command!

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In "Relics," Scotty tells Picard that an Engineer's first ship is like his first love.  A Captain can command various vessels, but a Chief Engineer has to know his ship inside-out, crawling through the Jeffries Tubes and replacing all its circuits, at one time or another.  That kind of familiarity must create a special bond with an Engineer and his ship, even more than a Captain has with it.

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I'm pretty sure it was Scotty, I mean in Trouble with Tribbles he started punching over an insult to the Enterprise.  Kirk took like a million insults about the Enterprise, and he did nothing!

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In star trek 3, would Scotty have blown up the Enterprise if he were in command? Kirk loved the E but loved the ladies and his crew more. No one loves a ship more than her engineer. Kirk was Arthur, but Scotty was Lancelot.

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