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USS Defiant (NCC -1764)


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The USS Defiant (NCC-1764), was first featured in the episode: "The Tholian Web" (TOS). In this RPG, we will focus on the Creation and journey of the Defiant, leading up to the events of 2268 (Stardate 5693.2), when the USS Defiant is captured by the Tholians, and the crew become mad with Sensory Distortion and kill eachother.



Name: USS Defiant

Starfleet Registry Number: NCC-1764

Class: Constitution Class (Class I,Heavy Cruiser)

Length: 289 Metres

Crew: 430

Speed: Warp 8 (Maximum)

Armament: 12 Phaser banks, also 6 photon torpedo launchers

Shielding: Deflector Shields

Built: Tranquility Base, Luna (The Moon), 2245.




Captain: William Umino (Bonehill)

Commander (1st Officer): Fritz Schechtmann (1)

Chief Medical Officer: Vacant (1)

Lieutenant Commander: Vacant (1)

Lieutenant: Vacant (20)

Ensign: Vacant (79)

Crewmen: Vacant (329)



Currently Starfleet is recruiting for Officers to serve upon the Defiant, if you are interested in joining the crew, please Contact Captain W. Umino (Bonehill), with your past Starfleet Experience (RP History), and Rank you are appling for.



The USS Defiant is currently in dry dock, awaiting it's new crew before Starfleet Command give the Defiant it's first Mission.


(Graphics coming soon, contact Bonehill for more infomation)


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Commander Fritz Schechtmann has been appointed 1st Officer of the USS Defiant, Congratulations


RP will start from next week, if everything goes to plan.


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I believe my presence was requested?


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Biography of Commander Schechtmann:

Commander Fritz Schechtmann was born in Halifax, Canada in the year 2236. As part of his primary school's language program, Fritz learned some Mandarin Chinese while attending. When he was fourteen, Fritz's family moved to Cambridge, England where they lived for three years, before departing once more for San Francisco.

Undedcided about where he would go after his graduation of high school, Fritz eventually decided to go to Starfleet Academy, which was nice and close in San Francisco. There he studied starship operations and xenobiology for four years until his graduation, followed by an assignment to the U.S.S. Infinity as an operations officer.

One five year mission on the Infinity led to a promotion and a transfer to the sleepy starbase of seventy-six in the Operations section of such. Fritz, naturally, welcomed the change to the new starbase, only to realize that half of the work was either leisure or light administrative duties.

Seeing that he had more time than he knew what to do with, Lt. Schechtmann pursued in personal projects, one of which involved carving a parrot from synthetic wood, as well as affairs of love. Two years into his assignment, Lt. Schechtmann was certain he had found the right woman, in the form of a twenty-six-year-old ensign from North Daktota, obviously of European descent. Candace Beauchene was her name. Schechtmann's pure wit and charm won her over and in the June of 2240, they were married on the starbase.

After another three years on the starbase, Fritz was promoted once more to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as Head of Operations after the reassignment of the previous head. Eight years flew past at the drop of a hat and Lieutenant Commander Schechtmann was selected by Captain William Umino of the U.S.S. Defiant to serve as his First Officer.

Commander Fritz Schechtmann U.S.S. Defiant, NCC-1764


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Marshuno (Will),

Yes, choose a rank and enlist in the crew.

Nice RP, Profile Cmmdr Fritz.


Couple more days to go.


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-Starfleet Record-



Name: William Sommerfeld (Cmdr.)

Rank: Commander

Born: 2128

Died: 2155 (Age 27; NX-03 "Challenger")

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, Earth

Nationality: American/Earth

Predominate Ethnicity: Russian, German, Finnish

Religion: Unknown/Unaffiliated


-Service Record-

Service Number: SSN0226

Current Posting: NX-03 "Challenger"

Branch: Operations

Position: Commander of Operations: Doubles as Tactical

Previous Postings:

San Francisco Fleet Yards

USS Minsk

USS Salt Lake

Reprimands: None


Joint Services Commendation Award (Awarded Post-Humously)



Height: 5'10"

Weight: 169 Lbs.

Hair: Brown (Sometimes Black)

Eyes: Bluish Slate

Blood Type: O+

Medical Restrictions: None

Medical Information: Springtime Allergies

Identifying Marks: Large scar down left cheek





Little is truly known about Commander Sommerfeld. While a record exists with his name in Starfleet archives, the person detailed in the service jacket has been dead for well over one hundred years. The information fits, all the way down to his Service Number and physical appearance, which only serves to deepen the possible implications.

It seems that he appeared straight out of mid air one day to assume the position of Commander of Operations onboard the USS Defiant. What happened to the original crewmember is unknown. Most simply dismissed it as a roster error or emergency transfer, especially when Sommerfeld showed up in his stead and asserted he had been assigned to take over.

Some crew have speculated that he is perhaps a fraud; an imposter posing as a Starfleet Officer for any of a plethora of reasons. Others maintain the notion that the discrepancies in his record are just an odd case of clerical misunderstanding, and that the record in itself was simply written up using the wrong information. A few however believe the man is in fact the William Sommerfeld detailed in the Service Record; brought back from the dead by some unknown or yet-to-be-discovered force.

Only time will tell which is the true nature of things…


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Commander. Sommerfeld, thankyou very much.

-Still awaiting a few more crew applications and then we can take off. I don't intend this to be another 'dead in the works RP'. I'll give it another week for sure.


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If I may make a suggestion, we should just start RPing, the three of us and wait for some more people to pick up as we go along.

Commander Fritz Schechtmann U.S.S. Defiant, NCC-1764


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Bonehill, please respond. I am getting worried about your inactivity. Did your computer break, again?

Commander Fritz Schechtmann U.S.S. Defiant, NCC-1764


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Cmdr. Fritz.

I've been dead for the past month or so. RP is still in the works. but i suggest you take command in the meantime and create an RP here. Just say that i've been kept permentaly in sick bay or something. be creative.


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It is kind of hard to Rp with two people, but I will try to get some more people unti you return.

Commander Fritz Schechtmann U.S.S. Defiant, NCC-1764

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