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Death of Picard?


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Normally, I'd stay out of discussions like this, but ...

I'll say this. Data can not replace a REAL man. Data is the ultimate butler since he can obey every woman's request. But when it comes to REAL men like Benjamin Sisko,Christopher Pike, Leonard McCoy, and Montgomery Scott; Data can't hold a candle to these men. Much less the brother of Shran

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BrotherofShran01, you are absolutely correct.
These wymin only THINK they want a robot for
a "husband". But, as with most females, they
don't know. That's another reason they need
a real MAN, to TELL them what it is they want.
And they'll get it, too - if they learn how to
behave themselves. But I digress ...

The pen is truly mightier than the sword, when
it comes to these horrifying ideas about killing
off TNG characters, other than Data. That anyone
would dare give utterance to the words, "Death of
Picard," is giving me The Fear!!!


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Picard is the life blood of TNG, and he will never die. Star Wars killed Chewbacca off, and the story was never the same afterward.

You can't kill the captain, period.

"Can you detect midi - chlorians with a tricorder?"


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Well just like Star Trek, Star Wars has "non - canon" materials. They are called the Expanded Universe. In the timeline that extends after the "canon" movies and TV cartoons, Chewie dies.
It was awful.

Losing Data made Nemesis a garbage movie, and killing Picard off would be criminal.

"Can you detect midi - chlorians with a tricorder?"


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Quote: AtoZ2 @ Nov. 29 2010, 3:46 am


You know what, AtoZ? You're a Stinker.


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Heck no. I'd rather see Picard in old age, grumpy, living on some planet drinking earl grey. Killing him off is just a lame way to end his greatness. Kirk's death could have used some improvements, and I think with the mostly mediocre writing that's been seen (star trek movie was only ok) they would not give Picard the death that benefits him or mathces anything to how he lived his life.


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About characters? I'm sure most of you know more than I.


But on acting, Patrick Stewart could say more without speaking or moving than most of the very talented acters from the francise.  Fans older than I like Shatner because he's the hero of thier times. On the younger end, fans know too much fictional detail to step back and look unobjectively.


Then again, I have my own biases. I've more of a Harlen Elisson eye.


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To kill Picard is to kill Star Trek. It can not and should not be done. As Lt. Jedi said: "It would be criminal!"

They have two settings: stun and kill... It'd be best not to confuse them. ~~ Lt. Reed


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yes absolutely - Picard must die!

He is the last of the Picards after all.  Better to hand over the vinyard to someone else.  Since its the last of its kind.

just lurking, here for now. I'm from the old school, of trekkieness. Mainly of the old Star Trek Canon. I read most of the old novels, my favorite was the Kobayashi Maru. Many of the entries in the glossary here are incomplete, in comparison to the old refference books I grew up with.


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I mean, dang, can't a captain just die from old age? Geesh.


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Yes for the last time, Picard needs to die.

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