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Death of Picard?


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It's interesting enough as a question alone. I however grew up and completly adore TNG and accept the movies could have been better. I fully enjoyed the JJ movie and look forward to the next one but I continue to have thoughts of my true leader Captain Picard. Am I alone or are there others that would like this to happen in a cameo or something in the next couple of movies. Just looking for others opinions.


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Star Trek blew it trying to portray Kirk's death. Let's learn from that mistake and just let it be.



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picard is important to TNG. to kill him would be like to cut of an arm or a leg. it just can't be done.

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Seeing Patrick Stewart die in a movie would be interesting, but the alternate timeline may have messed up all of TNG,DS9, and VOY.


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Patrick Stewart could pull off
a death scene, however poorly
written, because he found his
calling, in becoming an actor.

But as a fan, I do NOT want to
see ANY further crossovers into
the new movies, with past actors
in STAR TREK. They had their shot.

This reboot doesn't mean a god damn
thing, if they're just going to water
it down with cross-overs of the past.
I want this new series of movies to be
wildly different from TREK as we know it.

captain saavik

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very true 2takes once again i agree but the death of one of the best NO WAY ill scream it from mt everst you WILL NOT i repeat WILL NOT KILL PICARD!!!


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No. I prefer an Undiscovered Country style sendoff for Picard.



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captain saavik

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I preferr no send off of picard that man deserves more action please dont kill him PLEASE!


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No, no, never!

Haven't we had enough of character destruction? Haven't too many of our favorite characters being killed off or ruined in recent years? What's the point in watching a series and like the characters if they are annihilated and destroyed?

They ruined Kirk in "generations", a movie which could have been good without that plot: They ruined and destroyed Kes totally. They killed off Data and recently they annihilated Janeway in that stupid book.

There's the reason why so many have abandoned "official Star Trek" in recent years.

It has to stop. No more ruining and annihilation of our favorite characters.

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Trekkie 12

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Live long and prosper, Captain Picard! DO NOT DIE!!!!

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captain saavik

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thank you people do have reason


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Goodness, no! It was bad enough that they killed Kirk, then Data... 

captain saavik

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and don't forget spock they may have brought him back but they still killed him


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Kirk died in battle. Janeway is assimilated by the borg. Sisko dies (but comes back). Don't some trek captains deserve to die a natural death surrounded by loved once. Of course death doesn't do favors but statistically, they can't ALL die. Let Picard retire to spend his final years in the vineyard.

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