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YOUR Mirror Universe Couterpart...


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Who would your mirror universe counterpart be? What would they be like?


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Mirror Me...

a Terran from a lowly, poor family who is in his early adolescence. His parents were killed in an Alliance raid and he was thrown into ore processing on Space Station, Terok Nor. Intendant Kira takes pity on him and makes him her personal servent. In 2368, he makes an attempt on the Intendant's life. He fails and is caught. Right before his execution, a small band of Terrans run in with phasers firing and get him out of there. The Terrans leave the station in escape pods and settle in the badlands for the next 30 years.


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Mirror me:

a Terran, he enlisted in Imperial Starfleet at 16. He passed his training flawlessly earning numerous reccomendations. He was assinged to the ISS Enterprise-D where he served as Commander under Captain Picard. Eventually he earned his own command of the ISS Marauder in which he primarily tracked and detained any deserters of the Empire.

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Mirror Me would be a Benzite Space Nazi group attacking peaceful planets and groups.


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Mirror Bro. Currently Emperor of the NEW Terran Empire.

After taking over the Defiant unifying the terran slaves, Mirror Bro made a treaty with the Scalosians. Using the Scolasian water to hyperaccelerate his forces and creating distrust among the Klingons, Cardassians, and Bajorians, Mirror Bro reestablish the Empire. He is ever vigilant of treason and is willing to use the agony booth on those who oppose him. He generously rewards loyalty with the spoils of war, trips to Risa and Wrigley's pleasure planet, and other incentives.

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Mirror me would have been conscripted into the Terran Empire aboard one of their battle ships, quickly making a name i would kill the captain and first officer and take the ship too lead a major attack against the Empire's enemies and then set up my own task force and eventually lead an invasion against the Federation to expand the power of the Terran Empire.

Or perhaps be a part of Smiley's resistance against the Alliance, perhaps once in a while take out the Defiant for raids on Alliance shipping lanes.


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mirror me= psycopath

"take us out"...

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