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Quote: starshipgalleyrat6987 @ Jan. 08 2011, 2:56 pm

do you think Kirk ever summoned yeoman Rand to his quarters and chased her around his coffee table?  Aren't yeomen 23rd century equivalents of today's Admin Assistants?  Just wondering.

Naw. I personally don't think he did. I think it's quite well established that he thought it was inappropriate to "go there" with his secretary (i.e. yeoman) even if he did have the hots for her for awhile. I find myself agreeing with the Kirk in "The Corbomite Maneuver" when he wishes that he'd been assigned a male yeoman. The captain having a female secretary was rather trite and painfully '60s of the show. I pretty much just find Rand annoying, and wish they'd just given Uhura and Chapel more scenes/lines instead.

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Here's some info from Memory Alpha:

Yeoman was a Starfleet title with administrative and clerical duties. Starfleet used different rates of yeoman including "yeoman third class" as seen with Tina Lawton. (TOS: "Charlie X") Some yeoman, such as Janice Rand, were enlisted personnel during their time in this position. However, a yeoman could hold the rank of an officer, as seen with Martha Landon (TOS: "The Apple") and an unnamed yeoman assigned to the USS Enterprise-A, who wore an officer's uniform with the rank of lieutenant junior grade. (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)

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Actually, on further reflection, I think Yeomen (male or female) are glorified go-fers and were just used for scene filler.  could be wrong but just IMO.

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I agree with you starshipgalley.

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