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If you can pick simply one episode out of all of Star Trek as your LEAST favorite episode of the entire franchise, what would it be?


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The Game, a season 5 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Just a horrendous piece of crap.


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I hated Threshold, Sub Rosa(I actually really liked Dr Crusher until I watched it), Fair Haven and Spirit Folk.

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Spocks Brain TOS by far is the worst.

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DS9 The first three episodes, thats all I watched, back in the day I was so bored and disappointed, I gave up on the entire series. (I regret it.) Now I have no way to see it and since its never on TV and I dont want to buy the series for fear that the whole series is the same borefest as the first episodes I may never know if I would like it or not.

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VOY- Threshold



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Any TNG ep that had Dr. Pulaski

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Voyager Season 2 "Innocence" is the worst for me.


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ST 2009 is definitely the worst. But just above that one out of real ST episodes, I would have to say Episode 19 " Acquisition ", Season One, of Enterprise. Anybody who knows ST all knows Picard was one of the first people to encounter the Ferengi at the fringe of the Federation, in unexplored space in the 24th century. Somebody really dropped the ball trying to put the Ferengi with Archer 2 centuries before the Federation ever encountered them.


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The creepy one with Janeway and Paris being de evolutionised and mating. What the heck was that about?

Yuk! LOL!

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