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STO Engineering Report


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Report this Nov. 24 2010, 2:40 pm

I thought cross-posting the latest Engineering Report from the game community forum might prove insightful for those player's not sure of the game just yet. - GKerr2


What is an Engineering Report?

These reports will not provide status on every issue nor every request/feature you've asked for. It will however give you a good idea of what you can expect to see in soon to be released game updates.

It will also give you a concentrated thread to reply on where you can voice your opinions and feedback about upcoming releases.

The Engineering Report is broken down into sections.

In Testing
These issues have been addressed, and are being reviewed internally. Once approved, these items will be added to one of the next Holodeck updates. Issues in this bucket are generally around 2 weeks away from going Live.

Under Investigation
STO Team members are looking into these issues (many times player reported) to uncover bugs or oddities that will need to be addressed. Not everything in this section turns out to be a bug, and in some cases these issues may be specific to some players and require CS resolutions. ETAs for resolution in this section vary by issue.

In Development
These are features or fixes that have been reviewed and discussed and are undergoing design time to be implemented in a future update. Issues in this section are more than 3 weeks away from going Live.

While these reports may list issues as pending or coming soon, the goal is to only push fixes Live once they have passed internal testing. If an issue is in testing and still buggy, we will continue to test the issue until fixed, even if it takes more than a few weeks.


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Report this Nov. 24 2010, 2:43 pm

Engineering Report - November 15, 2010

As originally posted by Daniel Stahl, Producer of Star Trek Online.



First let me start by saying how much fun I've been having logging in on Saturdays to play the Feature Episodes with you. The Devidian Series was a big hit both with the team and with you apparently as our concurrency numbers have been climbing on Saturdays and we are seeing more players log in to check out what these Feature Episodes are all about. Thank you for spreading the word. You'd be surprised at how many blogs I've read that mention the Feature Series and we are fully committed to continuing to make these episodes an ongoing part of our regular updates.

By now, you have either hopped onto the TRIBBLE test server to check out some of the upcoming changes in Season 3, or you've been watching threads and videos by people who have. A big thank you to those who are actively on TRIBBLE helping us to track down issues and ensure that our Season 3 release is solid and as bug free as possible.

We are also very excited at the feedback we've been receiving about the Foundry from our Closed Beta participants. There has been a lot of discussion about whether the Foundry will be available on Holodeck when Season 3 releases or not. It is our goal, but we have a ways to go before we can give a definite yes. Our immediate attention is on getting the Foundry available on TRIBBLE possibly as early as next Monday so that we could enter Open Beta with the tools. That is our next hurdle with the Foundry and one the software team is working feverishly to hit.

Even if the Foundry is not made available on Holodeck at the release of Season 3, we will absolutely have it turned on in an Open Beta on TRIBBLE so that everyone can begin to learn the tools and begin play testing missions created by others. So no matter what, the Foundry is only a few weeks away for you.

With all the talk of Season 3, there is still much more coming down the road. I've added some new additions to the "in discussion" list that shows some features we are considering for our Season 4 release in April. In between now and then we'll also be releasing Feature Series 3 and 4 as well as other minor updates.

The biggest update in the list below is the moving of the Ground Combat updates from Season 3.x to a definite Season 4 release. With the amount of changes we are making to the way ground combat works, we have decided to give the design and animation teams more time to make sure they are completely happy with the new mode before it goes live. We do plan to get this onto TRIBBLE sooner than later though, so if you've been waiting for the new Ground Combat mode, we hear you and we'll get it to you for testing as soon as we can.

Now on to the report...

In Testing
These items are currently being tested on either an internal test shard or on TRIBBLE/REDSHIRT

Foundry: Mission Creation Tools

STF Loot Sets - Special items options that visually alter the look of your ship as well as offer set bonuses New Episode Specific Rewards (which can also be earned via episode replay)

Sector Space Update: Astrometric view toggle (turns off UI), update system representations, system information screen

Updated Remote Contact System with new tab for player made missions, "rate this mission" feature, and ability to search for missions

Chairs on bridges now allow players to click to sit and perform emotes while seated

Episode Replay System - accessible via your captain's ready room computer on your bridge

Enterprise Series: NX Class ship, T'Pol Jumpsuit, Enterprise Uniform, Enterprise Mirror Uniform New Game Font (although this may be pushed back for additional testing)

New Playable Vulcan

Ship Klingon Ships: Nausicaan Siege Raider

TNG: All Good Things Uniform

ST: The Motion Picture Uniform

Counselor Troi Jumpsuit

Crafting Stations added to Qo'nos

Klingon access to the Pi Canis Sector New Klingon Patrol missions in Pi Canis Sector

200 Day Veteran Reward for Klingon Characters

Additional Season 3 bug fixes and updates

Under Investigation
Here's a short list of issues being looked at as next up on the bug fix list

PVP Rewards

Error messaging when trying to loot items and your inventory is full

One-shot ground mobs in exploration (we are most likely going to nuke every planet found to contain one of these creatures in the future)

Sometimes powers do not appear to fire, but go into cooldown after clicking them

Powers will sometimes fire additional FX immediately after playing the original FX

Investigating players who have maxed out inventory slots and have run into UI issues

Fixing issues with the Master recruiter title

Sliding doors that sometimes leave a second door in place where the original door was

Powers and skills that do not state they work with new Klingon ships when they are expected to

Sluggish or non-responsive powers

Registry not display properly on some nacelles

Gaps in some ships when using various customization options

Graphical flickering on some machines

Numerous STF issues

Ship FXs that are jarring or causing issues in combat

In Development
These items are actively being worked on by the at this time

Feature Episode Series 3

New Ground Combat Mode (current plan is this will gain additional development resources and ship as a major feature of Season 4)

Memory Alpha Crafting - Item Set (1 item at top of each tier), additional craftable consumables

Adding the ability to ignore PVP invites

New Gorn customization options

New Running, Sprinting, and 8 direction of movement animations

New Loading Screens

New Earth Spacedock Exterior and Interior

Andorian Playable Ship

Adding a listing fee for the exchange

More Skirt options

UI: adding master looter icon to show in the team UI

Ongoing support for new Foundry features and updates

In Design Discussions
These issues are actively being discussed to determine feasibility and develop design documentation

Feature Episode Series 4

Ways to improve future Feature Episode Series (look for a survey in the coming weeks)

Private Mission Instance Queue System (Fleet Actions, Episodes, PVP etc)

Memory Alpha restructuring and addition of many more recipes (including unique craftables based on faction)

Ship Crew Management System (includes previous First Officer Design)

Converting First Officer to Playable Captain Redesign for Exploration Sectors (and Exploration in general)

Feature Episode Rerun System (replay existing episodes at any level by any faction and re-earn rewards)

Off-Duty Costumes and ways to improve the feature so that costume rules are clearer and better defined

Reviewing designs of the STFs to determine areas that need improvement and ways to make these episodes better

Adding BOFF abilities to power list on the ground (so you can slot them)

Ways to include more Voice Over and Cutscenes in the game

Oberth, Vesta, Ambassador, and Future Enterprise ships

Game Demo Overhaul (opening up more of the game for demo players)

More Borg parts for AlienGen

Fleet Action Updates Exchange

Updates More Minigames

Aenar species

Talaxian species

Android species

Hologram species

Improved Hair Tech

STF: The Hive

Future C-Store Releases

Enterprise Bundle Pack: Uniform, Mirror Uniform, T-Pol Jumpsuit, NX Ship

All Good Things Uniform

The Motion Picture Uniform

Counselor Troi Jumpsuit

OpenJacket Uniform

Nausicaan Raider KDF ship

Tribble Test Server
Many updates and fixes in the "in testing" section are available for you to check out for yourself on the Tribble Test Server. For a full list of fixes in testing - please refer to the latest Tribble Release Notes.

Keep in mind that not all things we are working on are listed above. See something you're curious about not listed? Check the Calendar first.

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