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In a battle, which ship would you prefer to be on?


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Give me the Defiant, a Sovreighn class Heavy Cruiser or a well armed Vorcha any day.

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i love to be on a ship with Q don't even no what the USS Apocalyptic Devistator would be able to do to hem . but i,d have to have Q on my side first so probably voyager he rely had a ting for janeway


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I would love to be on the bridge of the awesome Enterprise-E...but we're talkin about battle. I have to go with the Remin ship..Semetar. primary and secondary shielding, 27 photon bays, too many disruptors to count....and if you still somehow happen to have a starfleet captain hit you head on...Theleron. before Picard rammed her, the Semetar's shields were still at 70%. maybe the fight might have been different if there was no cloak advantage but i don't see much.

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A Federation Timeship, no contest. With Time travel tech not even present in the Krenim time weapon, it's the superior choice not only for escaping ur enemies but for planning a counterattack without all the collateral damage of the Krenim weapon.

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