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Best Captain

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I'm genuinely surprised that Picard is ahead in the ratings here. I really like the character, and particularly rate Stewart as an actor (probably the best of any actors to feature in any Trek) but he always seems more of a rear-admiral too me - along for the ride. His captain role is somehow split with the Riker character in a kind of duality. Kirk didn't need an Executive Officer - he was very hands-on. He managed to get the better of Decker (and sideline him), but  he also certainly knew how to get the best out of his team. Picard heavily relies on Riker as his confidante.

Picard is more collegiate. He seeks team decisions. There are more officers' meetings in conference in ST:TNG than ever in ST:TOS. Kirk goes by gut instinct which makes him the better captain in my book. Picard does this occasionally, but not often. Picard would be my second favourite captain. Kirk always the first. He is a natural leader (only occasionally tempered by either McCoy or Spock).

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Sisko's my man! He powns them other captains...

Archer comes in number 2
Then the original Kirk (played by William Shatner)
In fourth is Janeway
Picard makes fith place not because I don't like him, Pat Stewart is a great actor, but because of my personal preference.
The New Kirk is in last, I'm pretty sure everyone put him in last...


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Report this Dec. 23 2010, 5:54 pm dare you ask

One damn minute, Admiral.


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Oh...SPOCK...Sorry SPOCK...

One damn minute, Admiral.

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You just can't beat Jean-Luc

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Picard hands down.


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One overlooked Captain here is Data. He was either Captain, or Acting Captain, on at least 2 occasions:

During the blockade of the Klingon-Romulan border during the Klingon Civil War in 2368, Data was placed in command of the USS Sutherland. Despite the first officer being hostile to his android nature, the Sutherland managed to detect the cloaked Romulan ships attempting to supply the forces of Duras. Data himself recommended he be disciplined for disobeying an order to fall back, but was instead praised by Captain Picard (TNG: "Redemption II").
He also was acting captain in 2370, when Captain Picard was kidnapped on Dessica II and Commander Riker was later kidnapped on Barradas III. Data straightened out Worf, acting XO, for questioning his orders in front of the crew.(TNG: "Gambit, Part I", "Gambit, Part II").

I thought he performed the role of Captain very admirably (no pun intended). Therefore, I think Data should be considered one of the top Captains in Starfleet, too.

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Kirk. I have issues with Picard.

*Might contain traces of Qwerty.


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Picard > Sisko > Janeway > Kirk (old) > Kirk (new) > Archer.


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1. Sisko
2. Kirk (Shatner)
3. Kirk (Pine)
4. Picard
5. Archer
6. Janeway

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Kirk! Kirk, and only Kirk(played Shatner of course.)! No offense, but Picard was always too theatrical for me.

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A very tight tie between Janeway and Picard, I must say. Kirk is out of the question, I don't know Sisko all that well, and Archer is just too... ordinary.

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The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C), an Ambassador-class starship, was commanded by Captain Rachel Garrett. She was an awesome captain, I think. When the Enterprise responded to a distress call from the Klingon outpost on Narendra III, in 2344, they found that it was being attacked by four Romulan Warbirds. But, the Enterprise went to the Klingons’ defense, even though they knew they would probably be killed. That is courage.

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