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USS Tribulation, Sabre Class


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Hello Everyone,


I'm Kyle, and I play Captain Javin Kile aboard the USS Tribulation. This simm is extremely new but it has a great crew, each with years of experience. The Tribulation is a play by forum simm, that has a wiki site for main site.


Our mission:

The Silence Before the Storm

The USS Tribulation has just finished its latest refit with improved engines and weapons. Captain Javin Kile has decided to return to active duty, and starfleet has assigned him to take command of the USS Tribulation

The primary mission of the Tribulation is simple: to provide security along the UFP border with the Tholians. But, as with all of our stories, everything is not safe. The Plant of Turana Prime has gone threw a political uprising, where the government of the colony has been overthrown by an extremist group. The federation views this take over as a threat of national security, and has assigned the Tribulation to keep an eye on the planet. By these orders, the Tribulation will be within sensor range of the planet at all times, and should any Romulan ships cross the border, the Tribulation is to intercept it. How will the mission play out? What will Captain Javin do in his newly acquired ship?


We currently have the following KEY positions open:

Second Officer

Chief Flight Control Officer

Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Chief Engineer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Intelligence Officer

Chief Science Officer


We are a slow paced simm, though we will have a great story unfold before us. If you are interested in joining, please visit our site at:

Main Site:


And if you're interested in joining, please send me an email at


Thank you,



Captain Javin Kile

Commanding Officer, USS Tribulation


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The Tribulation only needs 3 people to become active! We have started posting, and this ship looks very promising. We need you to join, give it shot! All you have to do is fill out this application:


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All positions are still open! APPLY TO JOIN TODAY!

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