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Do you read the Star Trek novels?


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Currently I am reading Star Trek "Strange new worlds" #3  stories.  I like reading Star trek books whenever I'm the mood and my favorite series to follow is the Voyager books/stories.  I just finished the captain's table of Kathryn Janeway story and it was a good read.

Matthias Russell

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Loved that captain's table book. It is in my list of favs. Janeway really shined in it. The plot was highly unique.

Ezri Janeway

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I started reading Trek novels about a year after the end of Voyager. Several years on Ive managed to collect all the Voyager books (and cant wait for the next one) as well as a number of DS9 and a few Next Gen and these days I always have a Trek book on the go.


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I read most of the TOS and TNG novels until they started making DS9 and VOY novels at which point it got to be too many to keep up with.  Generally I prefer the older novels to the newer ones because I think that it has been very difficult for writers of later Star Trek novels sent in the TOS and ENT eras not to tie later events into their stories because they’ve been “spoiled” by knowing what’s going to happen during the TNG era. 



Example: if you read some of the older TOS novels, Klingons were almost invariably the villains or adversaries of the Federation as they were for most of TOS era.  However because we know that the Federation and Klingons became (sorta) allies in the TNG-era, it seems like the authors of the later TOS novels that featured Klingons to make them “less villainous” or ally them sooner with the Federation because that’s what things will be like in the future.



That being said, there’s also a lot of really good new stuff that I do enjoy such as the Mirror Universe and Myriad Universe anthologies (I’m a sucker for an alternate universe storyline and some of them have been done really well).  Diane Duane and Peter David are two of my favorite authors so I’m inclined to pick up their stuff.  I’ve read all of the Typhon Pact series and if there’s a story that features the Romulans or some new “Big Bad” (other than the Borg which don’t really interest me), I’ll probably pick it up and give it a read.




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Hoping to find a new ST book either tomorrow or Friday

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