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Do you read the Star Trek novels?

Matthias Russell

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It seems nobody ever wants to talk about the books so I'd like to see how many people check this forum and/or actually read the books.  If you read the books, please, at least take a few seconds to post "yes".  Take a few more seconds to say which series you follow if you don't read them all.


Back when there were Trek books galore and too many to keep up with, I only read those by Shatner, Diane Carey, Peter David, and Michael Jan Friedman.  Now that there is better editorial control and less published, I follow all the relaunches as well as Titan and New Frontier.  I have also come to appreciate the writings of David Mack, especially because he talks with his fans here.


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I actually just started my first one yesterday.  I'm reading New Frontier:House of Cards by Peter David.

Matthew Rogan

Data Logan

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I own every Star Trek novel ever published, including "Choose your own adventure".
I have found time to read almost all of them.

My favorites right now are continuing TNG saga (like Destiny and Typhon Pact).


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I have almost all that have been released since the official "Relaunch" although I am a bit lacking in my ST:Enterprise novels.

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Yes, I do read the novels. I'll read them all but my preference right now is TNG. I recently finished the Time to ... series. I'm currently reading the Destiny series.

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Yes, I do! Some very, very good ones out there. Along with stories that would be classified as "mediocre" at best if it was published on

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Actually, I've seen many thrreads about the Trek books. Bit sparse at the moment, though, I guess.

I used to read them heavily, back in the daze of the numbered series. I stopped because I got bored with them. Only a few were really worth reading,most were just average, some were outright crap!

I started reading them again a few years ago. Vanguard, Titan, Destiny are a few of the recent books. I'll still buy some of the the old ones once in a while.


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Actually, the Trek books are one of the ways that I really enjoy the series. I've read several (though by all means not all) of them over the years. I'm always looking for a way and place to talk about them. Just signed onto a few weeks ago. Hope to do so through this forum.

Jim Kirk

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About a year or two ago I started reading again, I havent read any books since high school LOL. Right now after reading about 20 trek books I took a break and I am reading war of the worlds (new Milenium) Ghostrek's suggestion, so far so good. As soon as I am done it will be back to trek books. LOL

Jim Kirk

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I have seen many of the actual episodes and I am still buying more season boxsets online. (One is on its way as we speak.)

But I have only read 5 Star Trek books. So yesterday, I purchased ST:TNG Pocket Books 1-10. I can't wait for them to arrive, I won't be buying any more until I've finished my DVD collection... but after that I'm going to get right into the books and try to read as many as I can.


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Can anyone tell me where I can the Star Trek novels from the '80's call "Traitor Winds" & "Recovery"?


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Probably the obvious answer, but I would try eBay or Amazon (they have some used book stores associated with them).  If there is a used bookstore near your house, I would try checking them out.  We have a very nice one in the Baltimore area that carries a lot of the books.


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I've got quite a lot of TOS and Voyager books,I love reading them.I want to get some Enterprise ones next!


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Still finding my way on the website and forums...but has there ever been a Trek book club on the site? 


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OMG, I love to read Star Trek novels!!! H8'in on Data Logan who has every single one ever printed...though I wonder, do you have _The Star Trek Reader_ by James Blish? 21 novelized episodes based on the exciting television series???? I have it, second printing, good condition...rub.

Started getting the TNG books when they first came out, love them all, even the bad ones, but Peter David is by far my favorite Star Trek writer. He just has a better grasp of the characters and is a solid old school sci-fi writer. Q-Continuum is a great series by him if you haven't caught it, and also Masks (I think that is the name, Picard and the away team are on a planet with high levels of UV radiation, so the natives were elaborate masks...great book).


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