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Which alien beverage would you most like to try?

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Created by: Matthias Russell

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Romuilan Ale is famous (and my personal guess is that it is responsible for the "safe" landing policy on Kirk's Enterprise, send the captain, the second in command and if possible the chief engineer to the unexplored planet... ah yeah and one of us Redshirts TM to make things safe 

Raktajino on the other hand will surely make Red Bull look like tapwater, I like caffeine (about as much as a Borg likes technology or a Klingon war), that is the way I cast my vote.

Matthias Russell

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I'm still shocked no one votes for synthahol. All the fun of inebriation but threw ability to quickly regain your senses. Probably doesn't show up on a breathalyzer either.


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Another good recipie for Romulan ale might be blue Koolaid and vodka. There's also a blue liquor out there called Hipnotiq that (might possibly?) be a passable stand in. But those are just guesses, because I mostly drink wine and beer when I drink at all.

Random thought: I wonder how Romulan ale would taste in a hot toddy?

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