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Fat people in Trek


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Quote: ShatnersHairpieceRepoofed @ Nov. 13 2010, 8:50 pm

And the person who made this thread is not what's wrong with society, what's wrong with society is the people who take Star Trek too seriously.

Yes, yes, and yes. You are correct, sir.



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Although Starfleet seems to encourage fitness, a number of species (such as some of my fellow Zakdorns) tend to appear "larger" than others, just as different nationalities on pre-Trek Earth often exhibited different body-types.
And, as I always say, "Starve the body, starve the mind!"

Var Miklama--Zakdorn, engineer. "A sound mind in a FULL body!" "Time, like latinum, is a limited quantity in the galaxy."


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No too much trans fat in that replicated food

"Fate, it protects fools, small children, and ships called Enterprise" - Will Riker


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I don't think HUMANS are obese in the 24th century, the average guy probably excercises 3 times as much as the average guy does now in the 21st century.

But there are aliens that are obese - Pakleds, for example.

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