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Approve of New POST Voyager Star Trek series!


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I agree. I think that it is time for a new series. I think that we need a series were Nemesis finished. Something that can be like TNG, where we can see the whole Alpha quadrant.  


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This is my letter I wrote to the franchis and to Paramount. What do you all think? I really miss the good old scientific Star Trek, like TNG and Voyager instead of space drama. Anyways, we get enough attention maybe a new series will be made. Please reply and rant at them to make a new series!!!!

There is such a huge demand for a new Post Star Trek Voyager/Deep Space Nine TV Series and I am baffled as to why there seems to be no effort from Paramount or the Star Trek franchise to continue intreaguing our scientific minds of the world instead of making a show about social drama that brings nothing to humanity. Voyager and The Next Generation inspired so many to do good including myself to get into quantum physics and become a great Pilot. The new movie is just drama with no science which was dissapointing! Please continue and make a post Voyager Star Trek TV series!! please! The money is there! the fans are there! Why? I just dont understand? Please forward this to the correct person. I know many hundreds of thousands of people who demand a new series who dont want prequils or useless drama, but want the science and curiosity our governments fail to provide to us which is buried in layers of Top Secret data in the Military or NASA which really stands for Never A Straight Answer. Im sure you know what I am asking for and it's not just me but the whole world wants this again. The 1990's was great time for scifi TV and now its just garbage. The next best thing that even comes close is Stargate. Please bring back the real scifi of Star Trek Post Voyager! Thank you!

don't know about all of that! voyager was kjust great to watch kate mulgrew being a woman captain is absolutely formmidable, any other woman would have floppped at this position, as for the show its self tuvok is typical vulcan and the doc is hilarious when the second series starts to kick in. they should definately make a new voyager, as much as i liked enterprise, the drama was good however misses alot of action!! when the borg start to come into the voyager series, this is by far the best part of any star trek series to date. bring out new voyager series for the fans ppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s bring back janeway, you have seen numerous ammounts of people coming back from the dead or is she, you never know how the universe works in that multi galactic space continum!

new voyager


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I think that the newest star trek movie was amazing for what it was, but I do not believe that it should be used as a foundation for a new timeline. When I'm watching a show or movie and they begin to talk about the history of the original timeline I fee a familliartiy with that. To walk away from such a developed timeline would be a disaster for star trek. In order to consolidate the original timeline and the newest one created for the movie, we should consider making that an alternate universe. Maybe even have regular travel between worlds, this would allow writers to consolidate the die hard trekies with the newer fan base that the movie brought in


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When people are more hungry for a new series, it will happen.

If it doesn't, the old series are also very good, and grass-roots contributions will see us through.

Meanwhile, CBS/Paramount. Take your time. Respect the legacy and put in the time and consideration to come up with something of quality. The legacy of a new Star Trek series will be lasting. Its foundations need to be solid enough to carry the storylines through.

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