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'Bones' McCoy, Mr. Spock and Captain James T. Kirk (New Time Line)


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Hello fellow fans,

It will be great to see how the chemistry between McCoy, Spock and Kirk, develops in the new film.  I believe that McCoy is the connecting catalyst between Kirk and Mr. Spock.  Karl Urban’s interpretation of McCoy is a rougher and tougher version of McCoy, yet he reflects many of the tenets of the original character as played by the Late DeForest Kelley.

It would be good to see the new McCoy’s character develop two folds by showing a contrasting chemistry between him and Mr. Spock to that of him and Captain Kirk by bringing out different elements of his personality and tone and dialogue in voice and at the same time he should be able to develop his character as the Ship’s Doctor.

He could also explore a softer side to himself as well cos Dr. McCoy is a very compassionate character. The original character seemed to have at times a volatile chemistry between him and Spock, but you could tell deep down he respected Spock immensely, it was only that Spock never showed enough emotions when responding to his praises.

It will be interesting to see where Karl Urban takes the character of ‘Bones’ McCoy, I would like to recommend that he develops as a character and becomes the bridge between Kirk and Spock but also show his differences when required to both Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

I welcome all constructive comments towards my discussion.

With kind regards,


Neil Mukherjee Esq.

Ilford, United Kingdom.


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The sequel will surely be more of a
"Buddy Movie" for Kirk, Spock and Bones.
I have no doubt of that. The ensemble is
too large to spread the wealth, in terms
of character growth, so who should the
focus be on? Those three. Maybe J.J. Abrams
wants to avoid tradition, but what else can
he really do? You know?


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Quote: /view_profile/ @

McCoy will have do more work in connecting Kirk and Spock because at least in TOS they didn't start off hating each other

Very true.

"Captain, life is not a dream." - Spock "Can you please continue the petty bickering? I find it quite intriguing." - Data

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