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USS John Hancock getting ready to launch


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Everywhere that freedom stirs, let tyrants fear.

These are the continuing voyages of the USS John Hancock. Her mission to see justice done. To help and support the oppressed and injured. To uphold the weak.

The year is 2388, and this is not your father's Federation. Following the events of the Dominion War and the Shinzon Incident, the Romulan Star Empire has entered a tentative alliance with the United Federation of Planets. But old animosity dies hard.

In the sprawling Imperial domain, many races that were conquered by the Romulans have seen the fall and rebuilding of their government as an opportunity to fight for independence and freedom.

Some among Starfleet Command see this as a good thing. But there must be a delicate balance maintained. Should the Empire fall, the vacuum it would create could destabilize the entire quadrant. Additionally, the Federation cannot be seen to openly support the enemies of the Empire, which would be seen as an act of war neither side can currently support.

To add to the volatile mix, a resurgence of an ancient religion makes leaders on both sides wary. V'lstro is a worshipping of elemental deities dating from before the exodus from Vulcan. But how can an ancient religion that believes in the coming destruction and rebirth of their society after the powder keg that has become of the galaxy? And, just how far are the followers of the sleeping god Xo, the creator and destroyer, god of the void, willing to go to bring about the resurrection their texts promise?

These are the questions tasked to a disgraced Commander. A former captain stripped of rank and sent into career exile. Now he has been called back and given command of ship tasked with providing clandestine aid to the enemies of Romulus within their empire, while tracking down reports of a growing terrorist threat, all the while knowing that a wrong move will leave both Commander and crew as expendable in the eyes of the Federation.

It is a mission of freedom. But as always:

With Freedom comes responsibility.

Are you prepared to take on yours?


If so, please visit us at


And always, seek out and find.


Commander John Strader.

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