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Registry Numbers

Matthias Russell

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Good interview with Matt Jefferies:

He explains that 1701 was the registry number on his airplane.

Doc Boomstick

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Quote: JaydenJaneway @ Nov. 04 2010, 4:37 pm

the only thing that aggravates me is that anything that is mentioned of star trek that is not on screen, people just take it as not true just because its not onscreen.  ncc here on earth in our time means naval construction contract, if so then they should not have used ncc on star trek.

The US Navy does not use the acronym "NCC" at all. Their ships do have three digit acronyms though. For example, nuclear aircraft carriers use CVN. One of the ships I worked on the design for, the future USS Ford, will be called CVN 75. Other types of vessels have other acroynums (SSN for attack subs, etc.).

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