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Deck 1 Bridge


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Quote: Matthias Russell @ Nov. 04 2010, 2:47 pm

Why is the bridge on starfleet ships aways on deck1, dead center of the saucer section?  Peter David repeatedly mentions in New Frontier that you might as well paint a target on the ship saying "Shoot me here."  On a modern ship, this is done for observation purposes.  However, on starships, there is no observation deck and all visuals are done using sensors, so shouldn't the bridge be in the center of the ship in a heavily protected section so a phaser or torpedo shot doesn't imediately kill off the command staff and decapitate crew function?  I'm a traditionalist, but I feel this oversight is a major design flaw.

Hey -taps Matthias Russell's shoulder- Stop poking holes in my favorite show!

So this dyslexic walks into a bra...

Matthias Russell

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It's not poking holes. You can question things and still love it, just ask the Boreans. And if this question bothers Mackenzie Calhoun while sitting on his bridge, I can wonder at it too.


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The Bridge was targetted in Nemesis and the con officer was blown into space. but have you all noticed that you never see any part of the ship outside of the windows?

Matthias Russell

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Though I don't agree the bridge should be on deck 1, I like the Voyager deck 1 because it is more than a bridge. It has a lab, a break room, and a couple offices so the bridge staff can work off the bridge and immediately get there when needed. Of course, the defiant deck 1 is more than a bridge too.

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