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Why didn't we see anymore Constitution Class ships


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ive noticed alot of excelsior and reliant/maranda class ships on tng and ds9. so why didnt we see any constitution class starships. excelsior class was just as old and we see alot of them. has anyone else notice this? starfleet was never in the habit of wasting ships. they used old classes until they fell apart or were destroyed. surely all the constitutions werent destroyed. what do you think?


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i know they showed one on enterprise but im talking about TNG and DS9. and of course voyager was in the delta quadrant so i didnt expect one there. and if it showes one on trials and tribbleations then that doesnt count, if they showed it. i cant remember. i think so and i believe it was the remastered version


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Well, in the aftermath of the Battle of Wolf 359, we did get a slight glimpse at the secondary hull of a Constitution Class starship.

Matthias Russell

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You can't expect to continually see old tech. I think the wright flyer is amazing but I don't expect to see them flying, I expect to see a few examples in museums. Seeing excelsiors and mirandas was bad enough. Starfleet needed to move on, so do STO players and fans who don't realize "all good things must come to an end", this includes ships. If you want constitutions, look at the STO Excalibur class, it's great! It keeps the same nostalgic look but modernized. If you like Mirandas, Akiras are where it's at. Let the older space frames stay where they belong, to history, museums, and models.

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