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Why is your username your username?


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It's a good word. Nowadays, unununium is known as roentgenum, though. Unununium is still a fabulous word and I'm seriously considering changing my name to Unununium. Or perhaps Unununium-Ununhexium? I don't know.

The asterisk is sort of self-explanatory if you look at my signature.

*Might contain traces of Qwerty.


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Quote: Spot_Data's_Cat @ Jan. 03 2011, 3:40 am

Because Data is one of my favourite characters, and his cat, Spot, is awesome.

If Data then had a dog, would he have called it Puff?


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Voyager's Muse is my favorite episode of Star Trek, I am a student of literary art, and I like the vaguely Homeric aspect of the name/epithet.

Falor was a prosperous merchant who went on a journey to gain greater awareness: Through storms he crossed the Voroth Sea/ To reach the clouded shores of Raal/ Where old T’Para offered truth./ He traveled through the windswept hills/ And crossed the barren Fire Plains/ To find the silent monks of Kir./ Still unfulfilled, he journeyed home/ Told stories of the lessons learned/ And gained true wisdom by the giving. – Falor’s Journey, “Innocence”


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My username is my username because it is my initials - squared.


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My username is my username beause well, one, I like the name Icarus, and two, because it was the name of one of the ships in Babylon 5 when Anna Sheriden was taken captive by the Shadows.

"Only one, Human captain, ever survived the Minbari fleet. He is behind me, you, are in front of me. If you value your lives, then be somewhere else." Delenn.


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I wanted to bring a little Star Wars to this site, and lieutenant seemed like a good counterpart to the jedi thing.

"Can you detect midi - chlorians with a tricorder?"


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I've always been intrigued by the characters we never meet, yet who had a large impact on the story and characters we do see. Tora Naprem was Dukat's Bajorean lover, and the mother of his daughter Ziyal.

My avatar is a picture of Dukat holding her earring at her grave on Dozaria. Up until that moment he had hoped she still was alive.

"What will they find when I am ripped apart? 'I love you, captain' written on my heart."


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The "Rose" part of my name comes from the nickname my family called me when I was little. I decided when I was about 5 that I absolutely hated my name, and that I would be called Rose from then on out. It became a family joke.

The Csillan part... Well Lieutenant_Jedi, you're not the only one who brought Star Wars on here! I was just a little more subtle, that's all ^_^ If any of you know who Grand Admiral Thrawn is, Csilla is his home planet.

Dif-tor heh smusma


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Mine is a made up word using my initials (all consonants) with some vowels inserted to make it readable - gHoStMoJo. I use it in business for graphic design work I do. I also use it on all web forums of which I am a member (most of the others being history or music sites).

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