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Why were all Star Trek episodes removed from


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Just tried to watch Star Trek on Youtube and found that everything startrek has been removed. 


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Not so... I just searched several TNG episodes and they still show up. Now, I am really p***ed off to find that my favorite subscription was "forced" to remove ALL of her 100+ episodes... she had the best sound/image quality, too. AGH! But it appears that Youtube is going on a Star Trek deleting rampage. . .


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you tube is starting to suck! alot of good stuff on youtube is either getting deleted or they mute the sound. if there's no sound then theres no point in watching it. ive stopped going to youtube because it sucks now


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I use YouTube to watch Star Trek episodes I've missed on TV (I imagine it's as legal as recording it to watch later, except I forgot to record it). If the videos are being deleted, I'll just find somewhere else to get my Star Trek fix.


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If a way defand copwrite things.


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I still can't find anything on Youtube, I started watching Enterprise on I never seen the show before. So far I like it.


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I would imagine it has something to do with someone reporting est. In a few months they'll probably be all up again.

I thought it was just me that thought the volume was messed up for say a particular Youtube. Oh well. There's always other options for us poor schmoes.

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I just watched some ST on there, but like Roboto, the best quality ones are gone, and I am so sad. I would look like Worf   if I did not embrace the Vulcan way.

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It seems, though, that a couple more people have started uploading episodes. They are fighting back.

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