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Which TNG Character would you like to meet


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if you had an entire day to spend with your favorite TNG character, who would you choose?


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Data, hands down and no questions asked. As much as I absolutely love Picard and Worf, I would feel really awkward and maybe even intimidated to spend an entire day alone with either of them, having this one-on-one down time together. Maybe not, I do not know... but I do know for certain that if I had the chance to be with Data, I would take the chance in a heart beat. Data is so kind, thoughtful, simple, and nonjudgmental, I feel I could spend an endless amount of time with him and enjoy every minute of it!

John Woods

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Picard,the man is just so interesting,a single day would not be long enough


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I would want to spend the day with Data. It would be fun to see things from Data's perspective. His innocence is so endearing. I could learn so much.

"Let's make sure that history never forgets the name... Enterprise" -- Captain Picard


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Q.  Imagine what a day perusing just some of the galaxy would be like.


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Data without question.


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Data. Don´t even have to think about it!

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Doctor Crusher, because she is my favorite doctor, and if you think about it long enough, she's a genius.

I grew up on The Next Generation, Voyager & Deep Space Nine. Watching Star Trek is my earliest memory.


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Oh, too hard to pick! lol But if I had to pick just one, it would be Wesley Crusher. He might be able to teach me a lot of things! A close second would be Beverly Crusher. She would be a lot of fun to hang around I think. But then there's Data, so... I don't know! lol =)

"I won't forget. I won't forget any of you." --Beverly Crusher, *Remember Me*

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