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why do the klingons look different


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have you noticed that the klingons from star trek 6 has their hair different with braids and pony tails and then in the next generation,ds9, and voyager they have big frizzy hair.


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Christopher Plummer, who plays Chang,
didn't want to wear all that make-up,
that's all. Besides that, the make-up
supervisor for TNG, DS9 and Voyager is
just one guy, Mike Westmore. So, naturally,
all of his Klingons are going to look alke.

For a casual fan, it might get confusing
though. Since Klingons are allowed to have
different kinds of heads, other aliens tend
to resemble them, throughout the franchise.


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In the episode "trials and tribbleations" (DS9) they go back to the 22nd century, to the episode trouble with the tribbles. Worf sees a Klingon from that time, and said the story isint shared with off worlders.



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Even Klingons can have a bad hair day.

bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'.


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On earth some people straight hair some people caral hair like myself. Klingon race is most likley same in that way or differnt customs. For example even amount people same religon  jewish. I friend blackhats and I friend wear head cover not blackhats I friend like me wear heading cover only at place worship or religon setting. They most likley costems Klingon religon.


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There could be any number of explanations. Klingons are an entire race of people. Look at the differnces in appearance, dress, body adornments, etc. in the current HUMAN race!


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