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Star Trek: Voyager - complete series DVD boxset?


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Hi, posting here for the first time in over a year and a half.  The website sure has changed.

Is there still a "Search" function for each forum on the Boards here?  The upper-right-hand corner search field seems to be a general Search engine akin to google, for the entire domain. (and not just for the Boards).  If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be great, because:

I was attempting to search whether ST:VOY will be released as a complete series DVD boxset, just as TNG was (Region 1) a couple of years ago.

I'd much rather have a nice complete boxset rather than collecting the single season sets that were released years ago.  Those rainbow colored boxes aren't something pleasing to my eye.  Tried searching the web for hints, but doesn't appear to be anything, so my guess would be that no complete series boxset is planned, but I wanted to triple-check before possibly investing in the rainbow seasons.

Thanks, I'd appreciate any info on this.

Jim Kirk

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Voyager has been out on DVD in a box set for over  a year at least.  I got mine awhile ago (amazon).

Jim Kirk

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Which box set are you speaking of?  This one?

Because that's just the seven single-season sets packaged together.

I'm wanting a VOY complete series analogous to this: TNG boxset

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