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Why when I put my password in does sometime work and sometime does not during same day.


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Report this Oct. 24 2010, 8:21 pm

to day I used the same password in hour day work another hour day it did not.


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im having the same problem. if i go to another site and then back i have to sign in. they need to fix this


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sometimes i log in, the site will log me out on it's own without notice. the only way i know it is when i try to put a message on the board it want work!


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Huh. For me, I log in, go to the boards, and discover I am logged out. I log back in. I click a sub-forum, get there, and see that I have been logged out again. I log back in *again*. I click a thread, and I see. . . can anyone guess what I see??

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I've even had times where I enter in a comment / post and then try to do another one within a minute or two and the system logs me out - just did it today.

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