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which next gen character/s was your role model


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I love Data! I like being human, but apart from that I want to be just like him!


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I'd have to pick Worf. I mean look how different he was, yet he worked had and let others know that there was way more to him than what they might have known about Klingons.

He grew and became so much more than what he started as.

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my favorite character was and is Geordi La Forge. I like his ability to solve complex problems quickly, and used all means disposable to him. He also was best friends with Data, and Data is also awesome. He implemented Ensign Crusher alot too, which i liked.



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my role model was data growing up. i used to imitate him and even dressed up like him on halloween


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It's a toss up between the doctor and the counselor for me because their characters were rather extraordinary. And in the history of Star Trek itself, they were the first two to prove that you don't have to be a man to save the day.

I grew up on The Next Generation, Voyager & Deep Space Nine. Watching Star Trek is my earliest memory.


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When I was a kid, it was probably Geordi. His positive outlook was actually a big help.

These days it's Picard. It sounds incredibly corny, but there are days when I find myself in a difficult situation and I ask myself, "How would Picard handle this?" It actually works.


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^It works quite well actually. I have (3-7 season, INS) Picard's voice going through my head quite frequently, especially when I need to be dilpomatic, tolerable, or encounter injustice.


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Will Riker was my idol when I was growing up (at least, from TNG...I was always more of a Jim Kirk fan). He was the most "human" and relatable character on the show. He had a good sense of humor, was good with the ladies, and commanded respect from the crew. Data was way too nerdy and cliched. Worf was too pissed-off. Picard was too perfect. Yup...Will Riker was the man!



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Probably Deanna Troi because since i watch her the most because she's AWESOME, I'm almost exactly like her in every way. So she was my role model.

"star trek kid, love my early memories of trek "


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Quote: Pooneil @ Oct. 29 2010, 3:32 pm

When I was a kid, it was probably Geordi. His positive outlook was actually a big help. These days it's Picard. It sounds incredibly corny, but there are days when I find myself in a difficult situation and I ask myself, "How would Picard handle this?" It actually works.

I agree with everything you've said.

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Well, I currently find role models out of TNG characters.  Yes, yes, I am almost 18... but I do not think that one is ever to old to admire the traits of others.

I cannot say that I respect one character more than another. While Data is my favorite, there are traits in many characters that I find worthy of my emulation; Picard, Riker, Worf, Geordi, Troi. I will elaborate:

Picard: I admire everything about Picard- his courage, strength, and ability to stay cool under fire. He is like the rock of the crew. He always seems to have an answer to every situation, and if he does not, then he sure as heck is going to get one. He NEVER gives up. I yearn for all of these qualities.

Riker: I absolutely love how he can just laugh in the face of evil. He can be staring face-to-face with The Villain Of the Day, and just suddenly start grinning. Nothing angers the enemy more than when his opponent smiles coolly... that is one tactic I have tried to implement into my life, and I see it work again and again.

Worf: Aside from the extreme manliness of his character, I really admire Worf's sense of loyalty and honor. There are times when his friends do not understand the importance Worf places upon his values, and sometimes they encourage him to do things that would go against those values. But even then- even when those he holds closest do not understand why it is so important to him, and even if they encourage him to do something that goes against what he holds dear- he remains strong, and does not abandon his moral code. I always hope that I can be just as strong when it comes to defending my values and my Faith.

Geordi: His humorous, easy-going nature is appealing to me. I could never understand why he had such trouble with women; what is there not to like? His work ethic, dedication, and extreme resourcefulness are things that I hope I can always have! His friendship with Data is also something I enjoy; he is always ready to listen to Data's rambles and he always has a kind word to say, no matter what the subject may be.

Troi: A woman who is as beautiful inside as she is out: I wish so much to always be that way. Deanna is forever a kind, gentle soul, but she is not a pushover either. She has an inner strength and determination come to the surface time and time again. I really admire this woman! (Troi haters- do not say a word.)

Data: And of course, my favorite man. Aside from his gentle and very kind nature, what I admire most about Data is his undying child-like curiosity of the world around him. He finds the interesting in the uninteresting; fascination in things that we take for granted. In essence, he looks for beauty in the mundane, ever-day things. I only hope that I can look at my world through Data's eyes, and not become cold and callous to the loveliness of my world; I want to always maintain a respect, awe, and appreciation of the "ordinary" things in my life.



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Captain Picard. He always sought a diplomatic solution in every situation. And when he had to, kicked but!



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I have two:

Geordi because I am African-American, and Picard because I am gay

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Also, Picard was an amateur archaeologist; I hope to become a real archaeologist one day. How could I not look up to him?


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Aside from the being bald thing.. Picard. The man was able to hold his own with the Klingons and came back from being turned into Locutus!

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